Aero Med Express® will happily contact your insurance company on your behalf to determine coverage and which ambulance benefits would apply under your circumstances. In the absence of verified insurance coverage, prepayment of the cost of the flight will be required prior to the flight. Aero Med Express® accepts cashier’s checks, verified personal checks, cash, wire transfers, corporate guarantees, or American Express®, Discover®, Visa® and MasterCard® credit cards. Based on the stability of the patient’s health, as many as one or two family members may accompany the patient at no added cost.

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Frequently, the need for air ambulance services comes unexpectedly, sometimes quite urgently. On the other hand, your request may simply stem from the need to move a loved one closer to family at a time when ground transportation is not ideal. Our medical staff is composed of experienced medical professionals who are trained to deal with many kinds of emergency situations in order to give you and your family peace of mind during these times.

For more information about air ambulance service payment and insurance coverage, check out some of our blog posts on the topic:

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