For 36 years, Aero Med Express® has been serving individuals, hospitals and corporations across North America with complete bedside-to-bedside air ambulance services. Our staff is ready and able to take care of any questions you may have, and are trained to take care of all of the phone calls and arrangements for you, leaving you less stressed during this precious time.

As a leader in the air ambulance industry, we strive to transport patients as quickly as possible to their destination while maintaining their stability and comfort. Aero Med Express® is confident we will be able to provide you or your loved one with a smooth and easy air ambulance experience.

Why use Aero Med Express®?


Let us tell you why!

A comprehensive quality assurance program is the key ingredient to having a safe air medical transport. Unlike most air ambulance services who are brokers and use other operator’s aircraft and medical crews, at Aero Med Express® we own our aircraft and the air medical staff works for us. If you don’t control the aviation aspect as well as the medical aspect, you can’t have a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Our quality assurance program has enabled us to maintain a blemish free history in both the aviation and medical aspects of the operation since our inception 40 years ago. Aero Med Express® is a Certified Air Carrier licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration as well as licensure from the Arkansas Department of Health. When selecting an air ambulance service, call Aero Med Express. We are standing by to hear from you.

Making Air Ambulance Arrangements

Upon receiving an air ambulance request, our medical coordinator will contact the physician or health care facility in order to learn of the patient’s current condition and any potential complications that may arise during the flight. This allows the coordinator to make the arrangements for proper equipment and personnel as well as to be able to forward any in-flight instructions to the medical team on the plane.

Our flight department will simultaneously proceed to prepare the aircraft, file flight plans, and make an assessment of weather conditions. During transport, our flight team will continually evaluate and re-evaluate the condition of the patient in order to best provide for their comfort needs as well as stabilization support as required by ACLS standards. The aircraft’s modern communications capabilities allow the referring and receiving physicians to remain in constant contact with the on-board medical staff.

In fact, ALL ground transportation (ambulance, wheelchair van, cab or limo) will be arranged by Aero Med Express® on both ends of the transport.

We can also help case managers with any or all of the following...

  • Coordinate the air and ground transportation
  • Confirm arrangements with the receiving facility, bed assignment, equipment, etc.
  • Communicate directly with family members
  • Contact the patient’s insurance company
  • Update medical teams at both sending and receiving facilities throughout transport as requested

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