When people hear the term “jet”, they often think of a luxury means of traveling the globe. Jets, however, can also be an invaluable form of transportation for people in a medical emergency. Medical jets have a variety of extra features regular jets don’t have that allow them to get patients safely from one medical center to another.

Well-Maintained Medical Equipment

Our Diamond Jet is fully equipped with all of the best health care supplies necessary to ensure proper treatment of patients during their transport. This includes:

  • oxygen and suction capabilities
  • cardiac monitor and defibrillator
  • ventilator
  • I.V. fusion pumps
  • fully stocked emergency medication

We also include additional equipment as needed on a case-by-case basis. Think of our jet as a “flying ICU”.

Highly Trained Staff

At Aero Med Express, our jet is always staffed by highly trained and experienced medical professionals. These individuals are capable of handling a wide array of injuries and emergencies, so you can have peace of mind when you or your loved one is using our services. Our qualified team allows us to offer transport for several specialty conditions such as traumatic brain injuries, cancer, critical burns and respiratory illnesses. We also have the means to transport pediatric patients as well as organ transplant recipients.

Modern Technology

Along with the best supplies and staff, Aero Med Express uses up-to-date technology to create a speedy, safe and comfortable ride for our patients. This consists of:

  • LifePort patient loading system
  • climate control system
  • the most advanced communication, weather radar and navigation systems available
  • specially pressurized cabin to keep patients stable

The benefits of using a medical jet are unmatched by any other form of medical transportation. By allowing patients to get from one facility to another in the shortest amount of time possible, they have a much better chance of thriving. If you'd like more information about our medical jet and services or would like to get a quote for a transfer, please fill out our contact form today!

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