Destination healthcare is an up and coming trend that is not just making a huge impact among the wealthy, or the globetrotters, but more so among a larger group - the baby boomers. 

Baby boomers currently make up the biggest age demographic in the country, and very soon many of them will be retiring, and many are already looking for alternatives to their healthcare.

Baby boomers are an interesting group of people in that, according to research, aren't settling for the average standards in healthcare. But instead, they are seeking out custom tailored healthcare experiences for their long-term care. Gone are the days of mediocre healthcare in their eyes.

Traditionally, when elderly patients, or for this discussion anyone over age 40, are in need of a facility to recover from surgery, or temporary health issues, they are sent to a nursing home for their rehabilitation. Baby boomers though, prefer to indulge in a nicer experience, and don't see themselves as the feeble nursing home patients we often stereotype them as being. They want to recover in a facility that feels more like home away from home, and in a place where family and friends can join them in their recovery. (Something that is often very important due to the high occurance of depression among the elderly during times of deteriorating health.)

The Healthcare Resort(s) are a new chain of destination healthcare facilities built specifically for these purposes. They are high class, high luxury, comfortable, and inviting. They employ the best of the best, hiring highly qualified therapists to meet the needs of aging baby boomers, while using the latest technologies. Better yet, these new rehabilitative facilities are affordable - covered by Medicare, as well as managed care policies and private pay.

These new destination healthcare facilities are more like a vacation, featuring movie rooms, wine bars, game rooms, and tons of organized activities for the "guests." The Healthcare Resorts are currently open in Kansas (4), as well as Colorado Springs, CO (1), with two more set to open in Kansas later this year. Although, with their current success, we are sure to see more open across the country as baby boomers continue to phase into the age of needing long-term healthcare. 

To get to these resorts, AeroMed Express will be operating air ambulance flights to and from as needed. Our medical air jet is fully equipped to handle the needs of any patient, and our flight staff are fully trained medical professionals. Transporting loved ones to facilities to begin the process of rehabilitation can be made extra tough when having to drive hours and hours, but taking an air ambulance will make the process quick, efficient, and less stressful. Our knowledgeable staff will gladly work with you to book your flight and arrange every detail. 

The natural process of aging shouldn't have to be scary, or restricted to dreary nursing homes. The Healthcare Resorts are changing the face of long-term healthcare, and AeroMed Express is excited to help make the transportation to these resorts that much easier. Give us a call today, or fill out our contact form to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives. 

To read more about The Healthcare Resorts and helping a baby boomer in your own family, you can read more HERE. 

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