July 30, 2015

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer can be a scary time in anyone's life, whether you're the one diagnosed, or your loved one or friend is diagnosed.

Aside from dealing with coming up with a treatment plan, and the emotional toll all of the included decisions can take, one must also hope that they live in close proximity to a decent hospital with a superb oncology team. Unfortunately, this just isn't the case for the vast majority of Americans, who are simply at the mercy of whatever hospital and doctors they can find within a short drive, and within their insurance network. For most, the ability to access a Cancer Treatment Center of America is just out of reach. 

Recently however, Multi-Plan, the nation's largest independent insurance network, announced a partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This will allow millions of more Americans access to the best cancer facilities in the country, while helping them deal with out-of-network claims services. 

At Aero Med Express®, we are pround to offer our air ambulance flight services to any CTCA, or any other destination our clients select. The convenience of flying in a private, professional jet to receive treatment or to transport your loved one, is priceless. Our medical flight professionals are trained to transport any medical condition, and our pilots are trained not only to handle the flight but are also medically trained in the case of an emergency. When the word cancer becomes a part of your vocabulary, it is paramount to have access to the best healthcare possible, and our air ambulance can make that a reality. Our customer service team will handle any question you may have, and work with you on your insurance plan. We also have the capability of planning any needed ground transportation, once you've arrived at the CTCA or hospital. We are proud to offer door-to-door service, helping to ease any added stress involved in a medical air transport.

If you are currently seeking a medical flight to a Cancer Treatment Center of America, please give Aero Med Express a call today. We can be reached at 1-800-842-8555, or simply visit our Schedule a Flight page!


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