July 30, 2015

Destination Healthcare On The Rise

Destination Healthcare On The Rise

Depending on where you live, your local healthcare system may or may not be up to your standard. The demand for destination healthcare is booming, and we are excited to be able to transport our patients to any hospital of their choosing, anywhere in North America. 

When it comes time to consider where you would like to receive medical treatment, you shouldn't feel limited to your surrounding area's hospitals. Our air ambulance service is on-call and ready to help make your medical transportation as easy as possible. If you do not feel comfortable continuing your medical care at your local hospital, you would not be alone in choosing to go outside of your state to a better, more equipped facility. 

Air ambulances have the capability of transporting almost any patient in any medical situation. At Aero Med Express®, our jets are equipped with experienced professionals, who will be right by you or your loved one's side. 

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