The process of scheduling a medical flight can often be confusing and intimidating. Patients and their loved ones don't always know where to start or who to best help them with each step. At Aero Med Express, Inc. we strive to make the process of arranging an air ambulance as smooth as possible for all parties involved while ensuring the patient receives the best care available.

Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about scheduling air medical transporation.

How does the process of transporting someone via air ambulance begin?

Generally, the family of the patient, or the patient themselves, will select the facility to which they wish to be transported to as well as the date they would like to have this completed. The attending staff at the sending facility will ensure that the patient is moving to an appropriate place to care for all of their medical needs.

Aero Med Express, Inc. will take care of all other air ambulance requirements, including air and ground transportation, trained medical crew, necessary equipment and working with both the sending and receiving facilities to ensure a smooth transfer of the patient.

Will my insurance pay for an air ambulance service?

There are a number of insurance policies that may be involved with air medical transportation. This might include commercial insurance, automobile insurance and those involving workman’s compensation. The most effective way to determine whether or not any insurance company will be assisting in the air medical transportation of any patient is to place a call to them to ascertain what benefits are available.

One cannot assume that all insurance offers air ambulance transportation benefits. Some do not offer any, or very limited. We will be happy to find out what you can expect from them. We simply need the pertinent insured’s information, such as patient name, date of birth, and phone number, and we can quickly contact the insurance carrier for you to get the actual benefits that will apply.

If there are no insurance benefits available, financial arrangements can be made with other forms of payment. These may include major credit cards, cashier’s check/money orders, bank wires and corporate guarantees. Personal checks are accepted with a credit guarantee.

Are my family members allowed on the flight? Can they provide medical care?

At Aero Med Express, Inc. we welcome additional passengers in our jet air ambulances. We never charge for this privilege and have found that, in most cases, the patient actually has a better flight experience with a loved one nearby.

Family members may not serve as medical personnel in place of our trained staff as it is not allowed by both federal and state statutes. However, we recognize that the information a family member has to offer us as we care for their loved one is valuable and we welcome that input. 

If you have further questions about our services or would like to obtain a quote for a medical flight, please contact us today!

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