Air ambulance services can be used for a variety of different reasons, and provide helpful accomodations for people with varying health concerns. In addition, many people who require these services have family or loved ones that wish to join them on board. Below are some of the guidelines for determining whether or not you should be aboad a medical aircraft.


A host of people, either in a hospital, nursing home or residence might be a candidate for air ambulance services. Air medical transportation, unlike commercial, does not have extreme restrictions to gain access to an airplane. For example, those who are confined to a wheelchair or bed lack the mobility to access a commercial aircraft. With an air ambulance, however, the patient is delivered to the aircraft on the tarmac and loaded onto the plane, many times while on a stretcher.

For the elderly, the long layovers that persist in today's commercial flying world simply are not tolerated well, especially with medical issues that can make the most simple tasks difficult. In the aeromedical environment, medical needs as well as personal needs can be addressed immediately and a direct flight can be completed without worries.


The number of passengers allowed to travel with a patient is dictated not only by the size of the air ambulance selected, but the critical nature of the patient. Typically a minimum of 1 to 2 people may accompany a patient, however the condition of the patient will determine whether or not that can actually occur. Additional medical staff that may be needed to handle any potential emergency during transport will be given priority over accompanying passengers. For example, any special equipment that may be supporting the patient, such as ventilator, would require an additional staff member, like a Respiratory Therapist, whose sole responsiblity is the ventilation of the patient.

In some long trips, adding passengers may also force the plane to make a fuel stop that wouldn't have been necessary otherwise. In this case, it is not in the patient's best interest to make extra stops and it is recommended that passengers take an alternate form of transportation. If there is room on board for additional passengers, Aero Med Express will gladly allow them make the flight with their loved one.

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