In the world of insurance, it's amazing what they will cover, and what they will not. Ideally, all of our incidences would be covered 100%, or at the very least, partially, like your typical 80/20 or 60/40 plan. But what happens when an insurance provider decides your recent lifesaving flight in an air ambulance jet or air ambulance helicoptor simply isn't covered under your plan? How do you handle such a burdensome bill, which you clearly were not anticipating in the first place.

The New York Times recently documented a story of a rancher in Arizona who fell while working, hit his head, and was transported by an air ambulance helicoptor to the nearest hospital, essentially saving his life. His insurance company covered the majority of his head trauma injuries, but the air ambulance fee? They didn't even bat an eye, and the rancher was left with a near $50K medical bill, which he has refused to pay. 

Unfortunately, this incident is way too common. The air ambulance industry is booming. While these companies save lives, and are quite imperative, they do come at a hefty price tag.

"Private insurance companies that offer ambulance coverage may not cover the full cost of air ambulances, leaving more patients to pay the difference. And in recent months, those insurers, under pressure to cut health care costs, have been reducing reimbursements for air ambulances. Medicare has typically covered a smaller portion of the bills than private insurance, and Medicaid even less."

These astronomical prices are reflective of a basic supply and demand economy. How else will rural communities transport medical emergencies to nearby hospitals when traditional ambulances are unavailable? 

Aero Med Express® wants to be your partner when it comes to booking one of our air ambulances. We want to be with you every step of the way, and make sure the entire process is as clear as possible. Our motivation is to provide you with excellent care, customer service, and peace of mind, not collect your life's savings. 

To read more about the Arizona rancher, you can check out the full article HERE.

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