The wait for patients on the organ transplant list can often last a long time, but once the call does come in, the countdown begins to get patient and organ to the transplant facility as quickly as possible. There are a number of scenarios in which air ambulance transportation is the only way that a potential organ recipient can successfully get from their home to the transplant facility in time.

Often the window of opportunity from the time the organ has been made available until the time the recipient has to be at the facility in order to secure the organ is only two to six hours. Depending on the patient’s location in regards to the medical facility, a transport via air ambulance may be the only way they can arrive fast enough to accept the available organ.

Additionally, some patients are on oxygen or may be too weak to attempt to travel by commercial air or private car. Aero Med Express keeps our aircraft outfitted with an oxygen system, multiple suction units, infusion pumps, ventilators and other assorted equipment to support a variety of medical conditions. Additionally, every flight is staffed with registered nurses, paramedics and a respiratory therapist as needed for each medical transport.

In some instances, the patient’s insurance company will have benefits for transportation to assist in getting the patient from their home to the hospital. When that is the case, a letter from the insurance company guaranteeing the charges will be secured in advance and kept on file for the future transport. Aero Med Express will also allow one to two passengers to accompany the patient at no added cost.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of organ transplants, we recommend patients contact Aero Med Express as soon as they have been placed on a waiting list. This allows us to be as prepared as possible in advance and have all of the necessary information on file for when the time comes to transport.

For addtional information about air ambulance transport for organ transplant, or to schedule your flight, call us at 800-842-8555.

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