When it comes to air ambulance services, no one does it better than Aero Med Express®. We proudly provide prompt air ambulance services including medical jet transportation to and from hospitals throughout the nation. We also provide return transportation, so you do not have to find ground transportation back home. The efficiency of our air ambulance service is second-to-none!

The Best Air Ambulance Service in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Aero Med Express® is staffed with medical professionals and flight crew members who genuinely care about patient well-being. Our planes are stocked with advanced equipment necessary for effective and prompt air transportation. Let us handle your medical flight and you will rest easy knowing our service will prove completely safe, prompt and reliable.

Emergency and Non-emergency Medical Flight Services

We coordinate all the details ranging from communication to ground services and beyond. All you have to do is contact us for service and we will sweat all the small stuff on your behalf. Our mission is to surpass your expectations, providing exemplary care in the most efficient manner possible.

Pennsylvania air ambulance services Aero Med Express

Our air ambulance services are provided at affordable rates to ensure patients are provided with prompt care that does not deplete their savings. Just as important is the fact that you will be treated like family from the moment you contact our dispatch agents to the point at which you are returned to your home. We gladly provide emergency and non-emergency medical flight services to all hospitals throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation.

Aero Med Express® air ambulances frequently fly to these Pennsylvania hospitals:

Destination Healthcare

We gladly provide destination healthcare service along with the air ambulance flight service detailed above. Our team firmly believes Pennsylvania residents deserve the ability to travel to their Pennsylvania hospital of choice, either for the best possible medical care or a  second opinion. There is no sense resorting to a local hospital when we can transport you to a larger hospital with the best medical professionals in the state. The best part is our transportation service is incredibly fast, ensuring timely transportation regardless of the time of day or night.

Aero Med Express® destination healthcare service empowers every single one of our Pennsylvania patients to take advantage of the latest healthcare technology and equipment. Our medical jets have essential medical personnel and equipment for optimal patient treatment and comfort. We often fly to the country’s most revered and in-demand hospitals throughout the entire country. Take a look at our destination healthcare page to find out more about our lauded destination medical flights.

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