Aero Med Express® is here to lend a helping hand when you need it the most. We proudly provide prompt air ambulance services including medical jet transportation to and from hospitals throughout the nation. If you need a medical air transfer, reach out to us for assistance and you will be more than pleased with our service. 

When you call Aero Med Express® for assistance, you will be treated by a well-trained flight crew with years of medical industry experience. Our team is cordial, caring and understanding. Each of our planes is equipped with state of the art medical equipment to ensure all clients’ medical needs are tended to during the flight to a hospital. We provide every single patient as well as his or her family members with a truly invaluable peace of mind that proves quite important during trying times.

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The Reliable Medical Flight Service You Need and Deserve 

Our overarching aim is to ensure your flight is smooth, efficient and timely. Just as important is the fact that we go out of our way to provide medical flight service at an affordable price. Though our service is of unparalleled quality, it will not ruin your budget even if you need to travel from one end of the state to another for medical service at the hospital of your choice.

The Aero Med Express® air ambulance flies to hospitals throughout the state of North Carolina including:

The Destination Healthcare You Deserve

We do more than provide conventional air ambulance services, our team also provides destination healthcare services. This service empowers individuals to travel to the hospital of their choice for myriad reasons. Perhaps you would like a second opinion of your medical condition, or maybe your doctor recommends a specific hospital due to its superior medical care.

There is no sense settling for a hospital simply because it is closer than others. You deserve the best possible care provided by hospital personnel who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience. Our mission is to transport you to these medical specialists as quickly as possible. We regularly fly patients to some of the country’s most revered hospitals, ensuring exemplary care without a lengthy wait. If you would like to read more about the Aero Med Express® destination medical flights, take a look at our helpful destination healthcare page.

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