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The Aero Med Express® air ambulance service transports patients to and from hospitals throughout the nation. If your health fails or another emergency occurs and you require a medical air transfer, we will be there to give you a lift, literally and figuratively. Put your faith in our team to transport you to or from a California hospital from anywhere in the nation in one of our medically-equipped jets.

Aero Med Express® flights are staffed with well-trained medical staff and flight crews. We treat each of our clients like a family member, meaning we are caring, friendly and more than happy to lend a helping hand. Let us transport you to a hospital and you will rest easy knowing the flight will be reliable, timely and completely safe.

California Air Ambulance Services Aero Med Express

There is no need to worry about coordinating anything with hospitals or other parties when you lean on our team. Our team also handles all the details pertaining to the air ambulance service and ground services. Our mission is to ensure your air ambulance service proves efficient and smooth in every regard. 

Aero Med Express® flights frequently transport patients to the following hospitals throughout California:

Destination Healthcare Information

Aside from our regular air ambulance service, our team also provides destination healthcare services. This means we will transport you to the hospital you prefer, whether it is for medical care or a second opinion. This way, you do not have to pay for treatment at an inferior local hospital simply because it is the closest facility to your current location. Our service will transport you to a larger hospital with the staff, equipment and medicine necessary for top-notch care. In short, our destination healthcare service empowers California patients to receive exemplary healthcare as quickly as possible. We take great pride in transporting clients to the leading hospitals in the rest of the nation.

If you are interested in learning more about our destination medical flight service, take a look at our informative destination healthcare page.

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