Aero Med Express® provides air ambulance and medical jet services to and from Arkansas for patients who require medical transportation by air. Our top-of-the-line jet is equipped with all of the necessary medical equipment needed to transfer patients to and from any medical facility in the state. Aero Med Express® also has highly trained flight crews and friendly and experienced medical professionals on board each flight. We aim to give our patients and their families the peace of mind that their air ambulance service will be safe and secure.

Our air ambulance services are available 24/7 for both emergency and non-emergency med flight services. We will gladly coordinate communications with ground transportation and receiving hospitals so that all medical transport services operate smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide our patients in Arkansas with the highest level of medical jet services at the most affordable price and with the highest quality service. Aero Med Express® provides medical flight services to and from all cities and hospitals in Arkansas.

Our air ambulance most frequently flies to the following hospitals in Arkansas:

Destination Healthcare

In addition to our traditional air ambulance flights, we also offer destination healthcare services. The ability to travel to any hospital of your choice, for either a second opinion, or simply for better medical care, is now within your reach. Why settle for your local hospital when you can travel to a bigger, more experienced hospital easily and quickly. Our destination healthcare service allows our Arkansas patients to be exposed to the best healthcare they can possibly receive. Our medical jet frequently flys to some of the top and most in-demand hospitals in the nation. 

To read more about our destination medical flights, check out our destination healthcare page.

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Healthcare Destinations

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