Aero Med Express® has been serving individuals, hospitals and corporations across North America with beside-to-beside air ambulance services since 1978. As a leader in the air ambulance industry, we strive to transport patients quickly and with as much stability and comfort as possible. We can ensure our patients receive individualized care from an experienced staff of air ambulance professionals.


Each medical team for Aero Med Express® is chosen based on the needs of the individual patient. In most cases, the team consists of a registered nurse with a minimum of two years of critical care experience and a critical care paramedic. Certified respiratory therapists are available for ventilatory needs as well as specially trained physicians.  All are trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and flight physiology.

The Aero Med Express® flight staff is comprised of exceptionally qualified and highly trained pilots. We use a comprehensive training program provided by Flight Safety International which all first officers attend annually and all captains attend semi-annually. Flight Safety International provides the tools, knowledge and expertise to keep our flight crew and patients safe during transport.

Flight Safety International

When you feel you are ready to book your medical flight, you will speak with our team directly. We are not a broker, nor do we communicate with any middle men. Our customer service team is highly knowledgable of our equipment and capabilities, and will work with you on a personal level. Aero Med Express® helps to eliminate the need for additional costs that come with outsourcing services.

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